Fast growth of the nails with some amazing techniques

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Rapid growth of the nails for a perfect vision


Every lady looks after her vision. This includes makeup, haircut, clothes, shoes and beautiful nail polish. In order the nails to look good, however, it is necessary to properly care for them.


Sometimes women suffer from easily breaking nails that grow very slowly.


Fast growth of nails


The condition of the nails could be worrying if on them are found spots and unevenness. In this situation, undoubtedly the time has come to think about it.


It is necessary to consult with an experienced manicurist or just to listen to our advice.


Thanks to them you will achieve faster growth of your nails and will definitely increase your self confidence.


Techniques for rapid growth of the nails – steps to perfection


Vitamins: There is no way to overlook them. Needed are as vitamins as well as minerals. Through the blood they reach the nails.


All ladies with bad blood irrigation usually feel a sense of chronic hunger and are experiencing very slow nail growth.


Given that you are one of them, you can improve the blood circulation by regularly performing massages. Massaged is the nail plate around the cuticle.


Seasonal growth: It is known that the hair grows faster in the summer. The same also applies to the nails. The main reason is the heat.


During the cold winter days and in the change of the seasons, the nails become much drier, very rarely budge in length and can easily be broken.


You should not deprive yourself of gloves during the winter. Protect your hands every time you need to leave your home.


As soon as you get home, make a hot oil bath. Here is how to do it: Take a small bowl and warm up in it olive oil.


Dip your nails and keep them in within the next few minutes. When finished, do not wash your hands but rub the rest of the oil on them.


Mistake when filing: If you want to have hard nails, do not file them on the sides. Your nails should have medium length with a half oval or rectangular shape.


The excessively long and pointed nails are a real challenge. Even if they are healthy, that often leads to painful breakages.


Polishing: The performance of this process makes the nails more resistant and thicker. First you need to put a base layer, followed by a colored one and top coat at the end.


In order to not exhaust your nails, bet more often on qualitative varnishes.


It is necessary to spare the nail plate and also to nurture it with additional vitamins and minerals. Follow these steps for a rapid growth of the nails and the problems will soon be forgotten.



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