Exotic manicure and pedicure

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What you will need:

– Massage oils

– Nail clippers

– Instrument for pushing the cuticles

– Instrument for cutting of the cuticles

– Bath for soaking of the hands

– Towel

– Base coat nail polish

– Nail polish

– Top coat nail polish


Grasp your hand and start massaging the upper surface. Use your thumbs and with slow movements go from your fingertips to the wrist. Once you get to the wrist pull downwards again to your fingers. Repeat 5 times. For the palm use your thumb and rub in a circular motion from the center to the periphery. The same massage technique is also applicable to the legs.


Proceed to the manicure:


– Clean your hands thoroughly and completely remove the remnants of the old nail polish.

– Cut and shape the nails with the help of scissors and a nail file.

– Apply massage to your hands and feet with essential oils. The massage oil is a combination of base and essential oils. For every 10 ml base oil add approximately 5 drops of your choice of essential oil. The aspect ratio is 10: 1.

– Soak your hands in warm water with a little soap in it for 7-10 minutes.

– Use a spatula for cuticles to remove the skin from the nail plate.

– Rinse and wipe your hands.

– Cut carefully the excess cuticles.

– File the nails in the desired shape.

– Apply to the nails a layer of transparent base, two layers of colored polish and finish with the top coat. The drying time of each layer of nail polish is about 1 minute


The manicure and pedicure are complete, here are some ideas on how to prepare a unique massage oil:


Erotic massage oil:


To 30 ml of base oil add the following: 3 drops of coriander, 3 drops of frankincense, 2 drops of lime and 2 drops of rose oil.


Massage oil Piña Colada:


1/4 cup of castor oil

1/4 cup of sweet almond oil

1/2 cup of mineral oil

1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil

1/4 teaspoon of oil of pineapple

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