Discover Natural Nail Care Remedies and Tips

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For the reason that nails are an important part of our hands, nail care is imperative. Healthy and clean nails will not only prevent a lot of health problems caused by bacteria and germs, it will also add beauty to your hands.  As a result of iron deficiency, having fragile nails is a very common problem. Hence, iron should be taken in adequate quantity. Examples of foods rich in iron are turnip greens, liver, tofu, lean red meat, beans, seafood, lentils, soy beans, whole grains, vegetables, spinach, asparagus, watercress, parsley, nuts, egg yolks, turkey, chicken, blackstrap molasses, dried fruits – raisins, prunes, apricots and others.

Massaging your nails with cotton dipped into lemon juice and washing them after a few minutes is another helpful tip for taking care of your nails. Your nails will become strong and shining, with regular application of this remedy.  Furthermore, apply olive oil to make your nails shiny and beautiful. Its daily application will help you care for your nails.

Avoid soaking your nails in any highly concentrated alkaline content as this will cause damage to them. You can as well soak your nails in warm mustard oil for 8 to 10 minutes after which you can rub them gradually to ensure normal blood circulation. To get the best result and make your nails strong and healthy, you should do this every day.

Daily consumption of beetroots will make your nails attractive because they are rich in Vitamin D and calcium. You can as well add other calcium rich foods like milk.  Incorrect nail cutting, ill-fitting shoes and foot injury may cause small fragments of the toenails to disconnect at the edges and grow into the skin. Hence, do not cut your nails curved but straight.

As nails are what beautify our hands and feet, it is imperative to take adequate care of them. Without doubt, the above natural nail care remedies and tips will help you greatly in maintaining strong and shining nails all the time.

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