Decorative fantasies on the nails

Image: © white78 / Fotolia

If you are tired of the classic French manicure or the single colored nails why not experiment with something more courageous? Slowly but surely approaches the nice weather, plenty of sun and good mood, and they in turn make us look around for something more colorful, more fun and playful, even when it comes to the manicure. Take a look at the artistic ideas for art on the nails with which your hands will not go unnoticed wherever you show up!


From sophisticated, simple, colored in soft shades of pearl with a slight blunt shape to eagle, brilliant, arrogant, provocative, even bordering with the kitsch – there is decorative manicure for every type of woman.


One of the trends that promise to be up to date in the summer is a decorative manicure with animal patterns and floral motifs. The leopard and snake prints are suitable for the bold and confident women who love the street fashion and are not afraid of experiments. Another fashionable theme is the design with marble effect which adds a subtle, sophisticated look and would be well suited for proms and formal events.


The pastel-colored manicure is not outdated, just slightly renovated for a better mood. For example – every nail, decorated differently!


Each and every woman around the world, no matter what she does and in what professional field she works, strives to look as beautiful as possible and feel good in her skin. The well maintained manicure always attracts the attention of the people around you and makes a good impression about your overall appearance. Keep in touch with the latest fashion trends in the manicure and you will not go wrong. Do not forget also that the manicure can be an addition to your outfit, for example the same color as one of your accessories or your clothes, but it can also be the accent in your vision.




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