Dark nail polish – what and how

Image: © white78 / Fotolia

For this manicure there are contradictory opinions.

The use of dark nail polish is met with controversial reactions in the fashion industry. We will give you some tips related to the intricacies of this manicure in order to avoid embarrassing situations.

First of all, it is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it can be deemed unacceptable – this depends on the environment in which you wear it. Note that is accepted only short nails to be painted in a dark color. This in turn requires more careful maintenance because even from a greater distance a person can tell if you have even the smallest imperfections on your manicure.


It is important to know that when applying such polish, it is nice to always start with a base. This will prevent the nails from the permanent dyeing, which sometimes occurs even after you clear the upper colored layer.

If you work in a conservative environment, for example in a bank, you often meet with clients or you have to comply with a certain etiquette concerning your appearance, it is better to ask your manager whether it is appropriate to wear dark nail polish. Sometimes it is considered as a manifestation of infantilism or associated with certain trends in music.


On the other hand, the dark polish is a perfect and bold addition to any outfit. Try to bet on the contrasts for even more impressive nails – decorate with a different color one or two nails on each hand. And be patient while your polish completely dries because only one careless move and all your efforts will be for naught.


If you want your manicure to be in a dark color, keep in mind that any defect on your nails will be much more visible. When polishing your nails, you must be extra careful and strive to make it flawless. At the moment it starts peeling off, you have to immediately correct it or better to remove the old nail polish and redo your manicure again.

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