Cream mask for smooth and gentle hands

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And a bath with sea salt

The hands are the extension of the face. At first glance, this statement seems too funny. But the fact that the well-kept hands and manicure are a sign of femininity.

It is advisable that women take care of their hands with the same attention they devote to their face.

When you shop in the supermarket, do not forget to pick up a box of cream with 20% fat. It is suitable not only for the preparation of culinary wonders, but also for carrying out cosmetic procedures. If you do not have plastic foil at home, include it into your shopping list, it is also necessary. When you get home, you can begin the procedure with the pleasant name – cream wrap.

* In the cream add a few drops of oil for the cuticles with vitamins A and E, then mix well (for this purpose can be used a mixer or blender) – thus obtaining a creamy cream.

* The cream is applied on the palms to the wrists, and even better if you reach to the elbows.

* Light massage – a pleasant stage of the procedure – the skin is massaged from the end of the fingers to the base of the wrist, and then to the fold of the elbow.

* Then the hands are wrapped in foil, on top of it place terry gloves or wrap ordinary towels.

* After 10-15 minutes the foil and towels are removed, for this time the cream should completely have soaked into the skin.

The creamy wrapping is recommended to be done once a week as an independent procedure but may be combined with a manicure. The dairy fat quickly absorbs into the skin, making it elastic and fresh. The substances in the cream – protein, calcium, enzymes, acids and minerals favorably influence the skin of the hands.


Salty bath

If your nails have become brittle, they need to be strengthened. The easiest and most effective way is the salty bath prepared with sea salt.

* The fingers are dipped in the previously prepared solution of water and sea salt.

* The hands are held in the warm bath for 15 minutes.

* The skin around the nails is smeared with a nourishing cream or oil for cuticles – this is the final stage of the procedure.

The baths for hands are recommended for all women. There are many easy recipes – with herbs, essential oils and others. If you are doing your manicure at home, then take care and of your hands. The baths improve the blood circulation, making your hands smooth, gentle and soft.


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