Colorful spring manicure

Image: © Christoph Hähnel / Fotolia

The fresh colors are coming with full force. It is spring and is time to leave behind the muted shades and the dark colors. Now we can select the more cheerful colors such that carry considerably more mood than the previous darker hues. Spring is the ideal season to change our style, even if it is only in the minor details. The manicure is a great start for a change.

The beautiful nails and the maintained manicure will surely leave an impression in everyone. The good news is that this can be done and at home if you are unable to regularly attend a manicurist. What you need to do is to keep your nails with the ideal for you length, always formed properly and if possible polished.


The question is how to paint your nails for the spring season, so to be completely up to date and in the nuance of the weather?


You know that the clothes and accessories are changing in every season – the fashion is dynamic and every lady wants to keep up with it, as far as her abilities allow that. To be relevant and in the way you maintain your nails this season, you should know the following:

1. On the fashion stage again with full force “looms” the decoration – once again, it is unwilling to come down and retire, so ladies, boldly paint on your nails. If you want to be completely up to date, you can again rely on the well-known flowers on the nails, as well as the various geometric shapes.

2. And since we are talking about the classical decoration, we can not pay attention and to one more thing classical in the manicure, which holds its position and in this season, namely the French manicure. Here you can experiment whether to choose an option with white tips or try something more extravagant.

3. The simple lines also should not be bypassed – they find their place at the top trends in the manicure.

4. And because everything in fashion has some interconnection, we can not pay attention to the hairstyle, so popular this year – type hombre. Besides the gaiety colors in the hair, in the spring of 2014, we will have iridescent hues and in the manicure.

5. You can add a lot of spring mood in your manicure, using different colors and shades of polish of one range or those that simply match. All you have to do is to polish each nail of your hand with different colors and to enjoy your charming manicure.


If you care about the colors, we can rejoice you that the fresh and vivid colors will be highly topical – it comes to turquoise, blue, yellow, red.

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