Choose the appropriate shape

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Beautiful and well maintained nails, what more do you need.

I doubt there is a lady who does not strive to look perfect. Suitable makeup, nice hairstyle, and of course, beautiful and maintained manicure.


The nails may be short and well shaped or long and attractively polished. The choice is irrelevant, it is important only for them to look good and for you to feel comfortable, pretty and confident.


The nails however, have a shape. And not one but four. It turns out that every woman has such a specific one which must be maintained.

Square, oval, pointed and round. To find out which is yours, compare it with the base of the nail. It is that pale part at the base of the nail plate, which reminds of a Crescent. Both forms must be identical in order to achieve the most suitable shape of the nails.


Do not miss and the nail plate. If yours is short but wide – file the nails into a square shape, but round the edges. If it is long and wide, then again bet on the same form, but this time let the edges be bevelled. The long and narrow nail plate suggests slightly sharpened nails. But the form is appropriate only if they are long. If they are short, do your nails rounded.

The luckiest ones are the ladies who have oval nails. Then the form is irrelevant, because any is appropriate.

No matter which shape you will choose for your nails, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with it and their length to not interfere with your daily activities. In case you do not like the natural shape of your nails, they are too short or brittle and you are a fan of the long manicure, you can always go to any beauty salon and ask the manicurist to make you artificial nails.


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