Cheerful manicure for a fresh winter

Image: © Andriy Bezuglov / Fotolia

Very soon the winter will come in full force. Although we love this beautiful season and waking up in the morning to see a pretty white fairy tale outside the window, our mood changes in the gray and gloomy days of the winter weather. Even if the fashion tendencies suggest colorful coats and sweaters for our winter wardrobe, we often subconsciously choose the darker colors for our clothing. Maybe because the dark colors attract more sunlight and we all want to feel warmer and happier in the winter… We suggest that you always add a colorful and cheerful accent to your appearance in this grim season. For example a colored scarf, hat, earrings, bracelet, gloves, handbag or something else – the choice is yours, and why not to place colors on your nails.

Girls! During the cold days decorate your fingers with nail polish in pastel colors in order to feel good.

A stroke of luck is that the sun is fed from under the clouds. We suspect that very soon the weather will frown again. Well, there is nothing to do about that – still it is winter…

When the surrounding is gloomy and gray, however, we must try to keep our smile on our faces and positivism in our hearts and minds.


The manicure in pastel colors, for example, is a pretty good way to keep the good mood. The gentle and soft colors on the nails are adorable and create a nice accent in the appearance. Moreover, they diversify the boring winter clothing, with which we usually dress during this period – black jackets, brown coats, etc.


Therefore grab the nail polish and go! If you get too sad and winterish, immediately focus your eyes on your fingers. You will immediately think of the spring, which is not that far away, as well as and other nice colorful things that would make you happy.


The result: you will fell warm, pleasant and happy, we guarantee you!

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