British women spend 450 pounds per year for manicure

Image: © Oleksandr Lishinskiy / Fotolia

Any self-respecting modern woman makes efforts and takes care of her appearance in order to look good and have the confidence she deserves. The well-maintained manicure speaks a lot about the person in general. The hands are amongst the first things that a person notices in somebody’s appearance. Unfortunately, not every one of us ladies is capable of maintaining her manicure by herself at home and therefore we have to pay visits to the beauty salons to get professional help. This of course costs money. Let us take a look at who spends the most on their perfect hands.

The British squander the stunning 450 pounds a year for manicure, which most frequently is copied from music icons like Rihanna and Beyonce, says a new study.

It shows that women in the UK spend more on their nails than for their hair. Nail plastics has become an obsession for the fair gender, who more often wear artificial manicure than their own nails.

In the study, experts surveyed 1,500 women between 20 and 45 years of age. The results show that most of them polish their nails anew at each going out. The development of new technologies, touchscreen displays and the permanent work on the computer keyboard, suggest more painstaking care for the manicure. An example of this, that women are so addicted to perfectly groomed nails is Victoria Beckham, who can catch a plane to the United States in the name of the perfect manicure.

According to the stylists the nails are already an expression of individual style and are considered as a new accessory to the clothing. Thereof every woman proudly takes care of them, whether in a beauty salon or at home.

Seven out of ten women admit that they would not go to a meeting if they are not perfectly manicured, and 86% of the respondents admitted that they cannot appear at a job interview without perfect nails. Approximately 96% of the women surveyed said they feel better in their skin when they have visited their manicurist.

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