Beautiful nails at home

Image: © CandyBox / Fotolia

I know that for some going to the manicure salon is a ritual, but for me the experience under the scheme do it yourself is a sacred and inalienable human right. If you share my view you will surely embrace some simple ideas that will help you to care for your nails properly.


All you need is: a bowl deep enough in which to dip your fingers, a piece of cloth, nail file and nail clippers.


And so we begin. If you have nail polish on your nails, make sure it disappears from there. Then pour into the bowl lukewarm water and add a little soap in it. After you mix the soap and water, dip your fingers into the liquid and let your nails infuse for 5-10 minutes. The purpose of the bath is to soften the nails and facilitate their further processing.


After you finish this procedure, dry your hands and use the cloth to push up the skin at the base of the nail. In case you have a spatula for cuticles, even better. With the help of scissors or nail clippers remove and the hard skins that grow at the side of the nail. Because they will be softened by the water, your work becomes much easier and enjoyable.


Farther it remains only to cut your nails. We recommend you first to file them slightly on both sides – this will give them a more subtle and elongated appearance. Finally align the nails using a nail file. If you happen to have and a nail buffer for polishing of the nails, apply the finishing touches with it.


If you want to re-apply colored nail polish, it is good before that to put on a nail base or nail strengthener. We remind you, that it is nice from time to time and to give rest to your nails, by simply saving them from polishing or treat them only with strengthener.

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