Beautiful manicure for the holidays

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The perfect vision is nothing without special attention to the details. The well-chosen silhouettes can be highlighted with a thematic manicure, which can become our trademark and most glamorous accessory of the night.


Since the process requires special care both in the shaping, as well as in the polishing, we present all the steps towards the perfect manicure. The ideal nails require time in order to be perfect. By this we mean that you must be prepared and not have an ending time in which to finish.


After applying the nail polish, you have to wait for it to dry out so that in contact with any surface to be left no sign on the nail. Before you start polishing, the nail plate must be in top condition. You will need a nail file, a tool for removing cuticles, cotton buds and nail polish remover.


Give your nails such a form, which besides that will suit the type of your fingers, will be beautiful and practical. We still enjoy the trend that Rihanna opened for the elongated and pointed shape, but in our everyday life, the too long nails are never a plus.


Use a softener which makes the pushing of the cuticles easier. An easy trick is to apply a small amount of olive oil around the nails, which will also prevent any smearing of nail polish on the skin.


As for the color palette in the nail polish, the shades are full of inspiration from the glow, solemnity and grace of the holidays. “This season, the nails shine with glittering sequins on a manicure in the shape of almonds as if magically frosted in pink gold, icy blue and silver crayons,” says the co-founder and artistic director of CND, Jan Arnold. “Marie Antoinette meets Cinderella with the new limited edition collection Gilded Dreams, with which can be created impressive nail art designs for any gala event.”


The glamorous Grand Gala series is for ladies who want to impress with exquisite gold manicure. The radiant Chiffon Twirl combines pink and gold in a unique combination for a party mood, and the frosted blue of the Dazzling Dance overtakes you in a fairytale dance that you do not want to stop all night.


The magnificence that the festive manicure allows is complemented by the original Art Pigment Additives – the collection Gilded Dreams offers the possibility of different and individual manicure for each lady.


With their imagination and flair, the professionals can create a variety of combinations, unique colors and give individuality to the manicure.


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