A little trick for beautiful manicure

Image: © Ahileos / Fotolia

We agree completely that maintaining beautiful nails is sometimes quite a demanding task. Probably happens to you every day to test the durability of the nail polishes and you are now tired of giving out crazy money for expensive procedures, right? But we women have to take care of our appearance and look as good as possible no matter what we do. The nice manicure gives a beautiful and sophisticated look to our hands and often they are the first thing that other people notice in our overall vision. Whenever I start doing my manicure at home, I spend a whole hour shaping, filing and applying nail polish and even though I try not to touch anything while the polish dries, the result in the end is always the same – ruined manicure and all my efforts go for nothing.


Indeed, even the new fast-drying formulas do not guarantee that your manicure will withstand the daily challenges.

There remains the option, someone else to devote himself to the household chores for you. This sounds appealing, but is not 100% possible.

Moreover, several studies have shown that the household chores help to burn calories. In the name of the good figure, it is not reasonable to give them up, right?


So we have a better suggestion for you. If you want a nice manicure for a long time, choose a bright colored metallic nail polish. According to the manicurists it reflects more light and thus delicately conceals any unpleasant scratches that are the result from the regular dishwashing.

You will make a good service to your manicure and if you spray with another similar color the base. Thus you will totally confuse the others and they cannot know when your last visit to the beauty salon was.

What would we do without the visual deception? And how do you save your manicure?

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