A few mandatory things for the health of your nails

Image: © Zoja / Fotolia

Everybody wants to have nails that are clean, well-maintained and manicured.

Many of you must not be aware about it, but observing a healthy diet is as beneficial to your nails as for other organs of the body. Your diet should be composed of certain vitamins and minerals to ensure good health of your nails. Your daily menu must contain all kinds of foods from the different categories. Eating more fruit and vegetables will affect your health and your overall appearance. Avoid fatty and fried foods and limit the visits to the fast food restaurants. Here are some tips besides the healthy diet that would help you in your nail care.

1.    Avoid the frequent use of nail polish: Taking off the nail polish that has been left on lets the nail breath a bit and makes your nails healthy. The paint on the nails block the air that the nails need to breath and this will make them yellowy colored and very unattractive. Also never choose an acetone-based or formaldehyde-based nail-polish remover, always prefer the removers that have acetate in them.

2.    Give a shape to your nails: File your nails to give them your desired shape. This will give your nails an even shape which looks attractive and healthy. File the nails in one direction only and do not move the file with back and forth motions, this will reduce the strength of your nails and make them brittle. Also avoid filing the nails just after wetting them as the wet nails break easily.

3.    Frequently wash your hands: Always wash your hands with soap or hand wash especially after eating as this will remove the food particles stuck in your nails and make them clean again. This will also wash off any bacteria from your hands and nails.  

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