5 Ways to Treat Cracked Nails

Image: © mikesmitti / Fotolia

The cracked nails look unattractive and often hurt when they get in contact with any surface. The nails get cracked mainly due to nail polish removers and excessive exposure to water. Some of the solutions for this painful situation are:

1. Trim: Trimming your nails can limit the damage done to them. Make them short and rounded to ensure minimum damage.

2. Moisturize: Dry nails tend to crack easily. Applying a little amount of moisturizer to your cuticles and nails before sleeping will make them stronger and less prone to cracks. Use a moisturizer which has proteins like keratin and collagen and humectants like urea or lactic acid.

3. Avoid the use of chemicals: The chemicals in your household – cleaning products can damage your nails. Limit the exposure to such chemicals by using gloves while cleaning your house and washing dishes. After cleaning, remove the gloves, wash your hands with a soft soap and apply a moisturizing hand cream.

4. Limit the use of nail polish removers: Using nail polish removers frequently for over two weeks can make your nails brittle. Prefer the removers which do not contain acetone.

In most of the cases, the cracked nails do not get medication or doctor attention. Just examine your daily routine to find the cause of the problem of your cracked nails.

Often cracks occur not only due to dry nails but also due to very soft nails. Just examine the major cause of the cracks and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Your diet must include all the needed nutrients, because the food also affects your nails as well as your whole body. It is also very important to drink enough water every day – 1,5 – 2 liters of water. Soon enough you will have attractive, strong and healthy nails again.

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